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The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus

The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus (formerly The Urdang Theatre and Dance Syllabus) is current and dynamic,  with its deep-rooted history of knowledge and expertise in the delivery of high-quality training for the performing arts worldwide.

Musical Theatre Syllabus

The Dang Musical Theatre syllabus is based on many years of experience successfully training students for a career on the musical theatre stage.

Street & Commercial Syllabus

The Dang Street and Commercial Dance Syllabus has been developed by a series of leading industry creatives to provide opportunities to learn and engage with the rich and diverse range of dance styles that embody this genre.

Graded dance & musical theatre Examinations

These syllabuses offer graded and medal examinations in Musical Theatre and Street and Commercial Dance which are current and relevant to the ever-changing and evolving dance and theatre industry. 

The examination structure and content is drawn from over 50 years’ experience of successfully training students for a career on the musical theatre stage, dance companies, commercial dance and film.

Participants can prepare to further their careers in the performing arts and associated pathways or simply enjoy their time learning whilst gaining confidence as well as knowledge of their craft.

Graded examinations are a wonderful opportunity for students to work towards a goal and receive feedback and results that indicate the standards achieved by each and every student. These standards are benchmarked within a nationally recognised framework.

The diploma qualifications offer specialised routes for candidates to focus on a performance or teaching pathway.

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Become a Registered Centre

In order to become a Registered Centre, you will need to go through an online centre approval process and provide the required documentation. Only registered centres can host examination sessions from The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus.

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Become a Registered Teacher

In order to deliver The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus, you will be required to register for a license. Each school needs to register as a centre and teachers can apply for an individual license that can be ported across any centre.

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Teaching Qualifications

The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus not only focuses on children’s graded exams but also provides accessible and affordable opportunities for inspiring teachers to gain internationally recognised teaching qualifications in both theatre and dance subjects.

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